You may be aware of it, but you have probably seen many, many examples of good implant dentistry. Fort Worth is home to a dental office that can provide you with dental implants that are just as invisible-meaning successful-as the ones you see every day. There is evidence that people have been receiving some form of dental implants since the time of the ancient Mayans, but technology has made the operation quite a bit more pleasant than those early experiments must have been!

What Are Dental Implants?

Losing a tooth may have been an exciting event when you were a child, but as an adult, you view the event with a little more dismay. Not only will you not get a quarter under your pillow, but you won’t get a new tooth either. For most people, the gap left by the loss of a tooth through injury or extraction is a problem that needs to be solved quickly. Put simply, dental implants are tools that your Fort Worth dentist can use to anchor a crown, bridge, or dentures to your existing dental structure. The result of a successful operation is the restoration of your dental structure to a state that not only looks, but also feels natural.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

A normal tooth is rooted firmly in the jawbone. The pain that results when one of them is pulled from that base shows just how solid that connection is. A dental implant draws its success from mimicking the natural tooth-jawbone connection as closely as possible. The basic component of the implant is a small screw made of titanium, a strong metal that naturally fuses to bone very well. The screw is drilled into the bone precisely where the lost tooth had been, providing a solid “post” on which to set a crown or other dental prosthesis. In the past, the dental implant process from tooth extraction to the final placing of a crown took as long as six months and required several visits. Today, however, research has streamlined the process greatly; often both the implant and the crown can be put in place during the same surgery.

Technology and Success Rate

Given the close quarters and precision required to make a dental implant operation a success, technology has been able to contribute greatly to the practice. In fact, during the implant process, you may get the impression that dentistry in Fort Worth is more about computers than dental instruments! Using specialized computer software, a dentist can take a CT scan of your mouth and then use that information to determine exactly what size and shape your implant should be. These and similar developments have raised the success rate of dental implants to about 95%, according to current medical journals. Fort Worth dentists will tell you that a dental implant is a good way to make a dental prosthesis not only look natural but also feel natural during everyday life. Once the implant has fused in place and is covered by a well-built crown, you will quite literally forget that it is there!

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