OPTISLEEP is an oral appliance that is worn at night during sleep to treat snoring or mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. The two-piece appliance keeps the jaw in a forward position and allows the upper airway to stay open. This prevents the blocking of the airway.


Effective: 90% of patients reported improvements regarding a reduction of snoring and apneas when wearing an oral appliance.

Durable: The durable material and connector design make OPTISLEEP especially stable.

Non-limiting movement: OPTISLEEP allows patients to open and close their mouths naturally.

Comfortable: The extremely slim design makes wearing the appliance especially comfortable.

Superior quality: OPTISLEEP is a Class II medical device, manufactured using the highest quality materials and 510(k) cleared.

Custom-designed: The digital design of OPTISLEEP eliminates the need for unpleasant impressions and ensures a high level of accuracy.

Optimal flexibility: OPTISLEEP comes with exchangeable connectors, allowing wide-range movement of the lower jaw.

Easy to clean & safe transport – OPTISLEEP is stored in an appealing container, ideal for home and travel. 




76% of patients reported a reduction in daytime tiredness when wearing an oral appliance. 

84% of patients reported an improvement in the quality of night sleep when wearing an oral appliance.

90% of patients reported a reduction of snoring and apneas when wearing an oral appliance.

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