Our Fort Worth dentists specialize in preventive oral health care and the promotion of wellness. After assessing a patient’s individual oral health condition, our hygienists will develop a treatment plan by incorporating the latest in scientific research, including the impact of oral health on diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. While assessing the patients’ overall health, our hygienists will also look for signs of early tooth decay. In addition to providing direct patient treatment, our hygienists are dedicated to educating our patients to follow preventive measures at home.

It is estimated that three out of four Americans have some form of periodontal disease. Regular visits to see our Fort Worth dentists are extremely important because gingivitis, the early stage of periodontitis, is usually painless, and you may not be able to detect it yourself. Early detection of periodontal disease reduces the risk of permanent damage to teeth and gums and can prevent more extensive and costly treatment in later years.

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