Do you have crooked or misaligned teeth, but you just cannot bring yourself to wear traditional metal braces for months on end? If so, Dr. Fowler has a solution that is sure to fit your needs! ClearCorrect aligners provide patients in Ft. Worth with a comfortable solution that will improve the appearance of your smile and correct your bite without any unsightly wires.

What Is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect aligners are an easier, less invasive way to straighten teeth. The treatment involves wearing a series of custom-made, clear plastic aligners for a pre-determined amount of time. When you visit with Dr. Fowler for your initial consultation, he will create a 3-D rendering of your smile so you will be able to see what your step-by-step transformation will look like. He will then work with you to develop a treatment plan that will help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Therefore, how often you will be required to change your ClearCorrect aligners, and how long you will need to wear them in order to achieve your results will depend on your specific needs.

Benefits of ClearCorrect

There are many benefits to ClearCorrect. Patients who choose these clear aligners will enjoy:

  • Discreet treatment
  • Ease of care
  • Comfort
  • No change in oral hygiene
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Controlled movement of multiple teeth or one single tooth
  • Improved confidence

ClearCorrect will give you the ability to smile confidently even though your teeth are being straightened in the process. No more hiding your smile behind closed lips!

Who Qualifies for ClearCorrect?

Virtually anyone in Ft. Worth can choose ClearCorrect to improve the aesthetics of their smile. This advanced treatment can treat a wide variety of issues and help those who:

  • Are generally unhappy with the look of their smile
  • Have crowded teeth
  • Have mild problems with their bite, such as an open bite, crossbite, underbite, or overbite
  • Want to correct large gaps in their teeth
  • Had braces in years past, but whose teeth have shifted and need correcting

While these durable and reliable aligners work to correct many conditions, ClearCorrect aligners are not always the answer. Some severe dental issues may not be helped by aligners, and more aggressive treatment may be required. To know whether or not you qualify for ClearCorrect, call Dr. Fowler today to book an initial consultation.

What Happens After ClearCorrect

Once you have completed your ClearCorrect treatment, you will be required to wear a maintenance retainer at night when you sleep to retain your beautiful results. Retainer wear is another thing that will differ from patient to patient, and the specifics of your case will be explained by Dr. Fowler once your treatment has been completed.

Straighten Your Teeth With ClearCorrect

If you would like to achieve a beautiful, straight smile, but you do not want to deal with traditional braces, consider ClearCorrect. This method will help you achieve results in less time and with virtually no discomfort.

To find out more regarding ClearCorrect and how these aligners could give you a smile you have been dreaming of, do not hesitate to call Dr. Fowler in Ft. Worth today at (817) 731-6386.