Implants are a great way to replace teeth, and oftentimes the most predictable. Dental implants offer a smile that looks and feels very natural. They offer stability because they fuse to your bone. This integration into the jaw also helps your replacement teeth feel more natural. Our Fort Worth dentistry office uses dental implants containing what is comparable to an actual tooth root. These implants are placed within the bone of the jaw to act as a natural tooth. We have over twenty-six years of experience with dental implants in Fort Worth and strive to offer optimal care to all of our patients.

Replacing missing teeth is essential for oral health, as missing teeth can cause a host of dental health issues. Don’t let missing teeth erode your health and wellbeing. Dental implants provide structural stability, as this can be weakened when teeth are lost. Find out more about how dental implants can provide you with the tooth replacement option you’ve been looking for by contacting our Fort Worth dental office today.

Dr. McKay and Dr. Fowler offer experienced restorative and cosmetic dentistry to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, and the surrounding communities of Aledo, Weatherford, Granbury, and Stephenville. Call us today to reserve an appointment, and take the first step to the beautiful smile you deserve!