At our Fort Worth dental office we employ new advances and techniques in dentistry, which allows us to restore damaged, decayed, or lost teeth with strong, natural-looking materials that are absolutely beautiful. Our Ft. Worth cosmetic dentists take a conservative approach to restoring your teeth, preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible. This has many benefits for you, including improved self-confidence, greater oral comfort, and lasting dental health.

  • Tooth colored fillings: composite fillings provide good durability and resistance to fracture in small to medium-size restorations. These fillings are bonded to the tooth, allowing for a more conservative restoration. Bonded composites can be molded and shaped to achieve outstanding results, and once polished, they give the appearance of natural tooth structure.
  • Crowns: crowns are coverings that fit over teeth, necessary because of broken down or old fillings, or fractured teeth. Crowns can also improve the appearance of malformed, malpositioned or discolored teeth.
  • Implant Dentistry: While we refer our patients to oral surgeons for implant placement, we can restore implants in our offices. With twenty-six years of experience with implants, our practice strives to offer optimal results to each and every patient.

Dr. McKay and Dr. Fowler offer experienced restorative and cosmetic dentistry to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, and the surrounding communities of Aledo, Weatherford, Granbury and Stephenville. Call us today to reserve an appointment, and take the first step to the beautiful smile you deserve!