Growing up with tiny and crooked teeth that also has spaces between them was not a very fun experience. I was constantly made fun of by people around me saying my teeth look like that of a fish. As an adult I was told by a modeling agency that they would only sign me if I get my teeth fixed. Considering I could not afford it at the time, I was unable to sign with that agency.

The first day I became Dr. McKay’s patient, I asked questions regarding my options of getting my teeth fixed. The entire staff provided me with all the information I needed as well as a financing option. This brought that dream of improving my smile closer to reality. They went as far as creating a demo of what my teeth would look like after the surgery by taking the measurements of my teeth.

After careful consideration and consultations with Dr. McKay, Dr. Fowler and their staff, we proceeded with the surgery and it was very successful. I have no regrets at all and quite frankly I can’t stop smiling! I am totally satisfied with the way my teeth and my smile looks.

Having Dr. McKay and Dr. Fowler as my dentists, has removed my childhood fears of dentists. I am always comfortable when I go to their office. It’s like going to the spa! The staff is very friendly. It’s been great having dentists I can truly recommend. The way I see it, you are always in good hands with anyone in their office.

Thank you Dr. McKay and Dr. Fowler for letting me show off my self confidence through my smile.

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